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Here is the list of things what not to do in taxi.

Smoking, consuming alcohol or drug is strictly not allowed in taxi. if driver finds any passenger in non-stable situation then he has rights to get passenger out of taxi at that time Littering in taxi not allowed. Passenger is responsible if driver takes any action in that case.

Abuse with co-passenger or driver is not allowed. Driver has rights to take instant action to control situation.

If passenger request driver to get into extra passengers more than seating capacity or tells to driver to break traffic signal or driving fast then driver has rights to cancel journey before reaching destination.

Gathered information from customers will be kept secure. we guaranteed that no information of customer will be used outside of organization or other business purpose . we are not owner of all taxis which associated with us.. Taxies are from third party company. So in case of any issue rise with driver we are not responsible for that and it is up to that driver and third party company, We are just responsible for services we provide. We runs referral system to get more offer. If we found something or someone trying to miss use our policy then we will take legal action against that person.

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